To simply tell a family member they have no control over the substance use is IRRESPONSIBLE


  1. It’s disempowering. It leads families to believe they’re trapped under the chaos of their loved one’s use.
  2. It’s only a partial truth.  

  It’s not the whole truth.  

  Research in cognitive behavioral science shows that  

  you DO have influence.  

So many families I work with feel like they’re drowning under the chaos of their loved one’s drug or alcohol use, believing there’s absolutely nothing they can do. 


So let me repeat: YOU. DO. HAVE. INFLUENCE.

In fact, you’re influencing your loved one all the time – for better or for worse…

This workshop will show you how to have a POSITIVE influence on your loved one’s drug or alcohol use.

It’s the first step families can take to reclaim their lives from the chaos.


But you can influence the things that make it hard.

Watch the video below to learn more.

this workshop will cover:

What influence actually is

Introductory concepts on substance use

The conflicting nature of addiction for families

The 5 things families can do to have a positive influence on their loved one's drug or alcohol use

What to do if your loved one doesn't believe thy have a problem

Common addiction myths

Resources on substance use, codependency and recovery

Plus additional time for participant questions


While there is no cure for substance use disorders, in this workshop, family facilitator and professionally trained life coach, Madeleine Craig, will present the 5 essential things families can do to have the most positive influence on a loved one’s drug or alcohol use as possible.

The Webinar is live and occurs twice, every other week: Thursdays @ 5:30 PM CT, and Sundays alternating @ 10:00 AM CT and 4:00 PM CT. Recordings are available. Time for questions follows each webinar.

Following these recommendations is the first step to  reclaim your life  from the chaos of substance use challenges.

Time for questions will follow.

Madeleine is just amazing with family members. She is loving, kind and willing to be raw and vulnerable in her work. She clearly gets it. And she has this magical ability to shift seamlessly from knowledgeable facilitator to compassionate friend who is walking the same journey in the trenches of this horrible disease. I wish that I, and my family, had met her when I was still drinking.

Mike Holliday
Physical Therapist and Athletic Trainer, Certified Life Recovery Coach

That was really informative. I so appreciated your vulnerability in sharing your story, too.


Your presentation really hit close to home today. I really appreciate everything you shared, your understanding and your support.


Thanks for your vulnerability and rawness. It ratifies your advice and makes it super impactful.


Addiction is not a spectator sport. Eventually the whole family gets to play.

~Joyce Rebeta-Burditt


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