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I am so honored you are looking into my Hope for Families Online Workshop.

As someone whose life has been significantly affected by family addiction, I am deeply passionate about supporting families facing this painful and baffling challenge in their lives.

I bring to this workshop both current information about alcoholism and addiction, its effects on families, and resources for support, as well as a wholehearted commitment to connecting with family members heart to heart.

I show up with both my head and my heart, and this is what makes my workshop so powerfully effective.

I have the knowledge families need to help themselves, the skills to deliver it in a way that makes sense and connects with family members, and the personal experience of using this knowledge and these resources to respond to my own challenges of family addiction.

This skillful weaving of my role as both educator and peer leaves participants with an immense sense of hope, an awareness that they are not alone, and the knowledge that will empower them to take effective action to improve their lives.

Many blessings,

P.S. If you are an employer looking to provide access this workshop to support your employees in both their personal lives and their work, or an organization who would like offer this workshop to support your members, please fill the form below and you will be on your way to offering some much needed help and hope to the people you serve!

Madeleine is just amazing with family members. She is loving, kind and willing to be raw and vulnerable in her work. She clearly gets it. And she has this magical ability to shift seamlessly from knowledgeable facilitator to compassionate friend who is walking the same journey in the trenches of this horrible disease. As a life recovery coach myself who works with addicts, alcoholics, the incarcerated, and the general population, I feel that I can still learn so much from Madeleine. I wish that I, and my family, had met her when I was still drinking.

Mike Holliday

Physical Therapist and Athletic Trainer, Certified Life Recovery Coach

An inspiration – a true authentic woman who is great at sharing her experience, strength and hope.


You are so calm and peaceful.  You put everyone at ease right away.


Compassionate and knowledgeable, Madeleine has walked the walk and brings both professional and personal experiences to working with families. Highly motivated and a person of integrity, she brings her best self to serve each participant.

Julie E.

Family Member - Mother

There is help.  There is hope.

If you are a company or an organization that would like to offer this workshop to support your employees, your members or your community, please fill out the form below.  I will respond to your inquiry within 2 business days.

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Madeleine Craig

Madeleine Craig

Educator, Workshop Facilitator, Professional Life Coach

I am an experienced educator and a professionally trained life coach working to provide families struggling with a loved one’s substance use with the knowledge, tools and support they need to sanely navigate the crazy-making situations, heal their own pain, and increase the chances their loved one will choose recovery. I also have an ongoing practice with 12-Step spiritual principles, and in my other work, Fourth Dimension Coaching, I use coaching tools to support people in 12-Step recovery in deepening their understanding of the spiritual principles of the 12-Step process, and in rebuilding their faith in themselves and in the possibilities life holds in the face of past addictions or family addiction.

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