Getting Conflicting Advice About What to Do About Your Loved One’s Drug or Alcohol Use?

Do I stay? Do I go?
Do I kick them out? Or do I let them stay?
Do I help them?  Or do I let them face the awful consequences?
What if those awful consequences affect me too?

And are all kinds of people imposing unsolicited advice on you? Especially advice that doesn’t seem to fit your situation?

The problem is not you.
It’s not even them.

The problem is that there is no one solution,

no one right answer,

when it comes to substance use disorders.

And very few people understand this.

I give families the support and clarity they need to kindly and effectively address the impacts of a loved one’s substance use, so they can determine the right solution that fits their own needs.


Families with a loved one struggling with substance use face two competing realities.

Addiction and substance use disorders are a disease, requiring compassion and treatment.


People active in addiction hurt people. Badly. Children especially can suffer the effects of this behavior their entire lives. Families need boundaries to take care of themselves.

There is no ONE. RIGHT. WAY. to navigate these two realities.

In fact, people in the same family can be in different places with these realities, which can cause additional strife if family members don't understand the true nature of the dilemma.


Because there is no ONE answer, my methodology for working with families is one part education and one part life coaching. There are things you need to understand about addiction and codependency to effectively move forward.


You need clarity about where you're at personally. But clarity is often hindered by fear, and addiction is legitimately scary. The coaching exercises are designed to calm fear and help you identify your own truth - not somebody else's.

Bringing these two things together makes your next right action so much clearer.

And you'll have the support to do what you need to do.

A Multi-Faceted Problem Requires

a Multi-Faceted Solution

5 Ways to Positively Influence a Loved One's Drug or Alcohol Use Live Webinar

Five Ways Webinar

Learn the 5 elements necessary for effectively addressing substance use, common addiction myths and more. Time for questions will follow.

Resources: Books, Websites, Videos and More


Informational and support resources to help you on your journey.

The Family Addiction Support Center

Question Blog

The effective support struggling families facing a loved one's drug or alcohol use need.

Individual Life Coaching

Individual Life Coaching

Work one on one with Madeleine Craig, a professionally trained life coach.

The Family Addiction Intensive

The Family Addiction Intensive

A 10-week, interactive workshop that provides families with the knowledge, tools, coaching, and support they need to sanely navigate the crazy-making situations, heal their own pain, and increase the chances their loved one will choose recovery.

Madeleine crouching on a bridge with her two black and white springer spaniels

I’m Madeleine Craig


I’m an educator and a life coach for families struggling with a loved one’s substance use.

I know how difficult it is to navigate a loved one’s drug and/or alcohol use. I also know you have more influence in the face of this problem than you might think. And I can teach you how to use it.

You have questions. I have answers.

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