You have the right to say no without feeling guilty. You have the right to say yes without feeling used. ~Wayne Dyer

Boundaries are the Way We Love Ourselves and Our Loved One at the Same Time


But soooo much easier said than done. 

There is so much on the line with a loved one’s substance use, every choice can feel like a lose-lose proposition. 

Family members often feel like they can handle taking the hit better than their loved one right now. But that is not sustainable. 

It also doesn’t improve outcomes. Quite the contrary. 


Lack of boundaries is a significant driver of generational cycles of substance abuse and other types of family dysfunction.


One of the hardest parts of setting boundaries is the guilt and fear of the consequences.

But the guilt and the fear keep family members stuck in cycles of emotional, psychological, and even physical abuse at the hands of their loved ones abusing substances. 

However, family members’ fears are not entirely unfounded. 

A loved one abusing substances IS almost always going to resist. Some degree of backlash is to be expected. 

Not to mention that, potential outcomes with a loved one’s substance abuse can be terrifying.

This means that…

Setting boundaries with a loved one abusing substances requires a level of consideration and self-care that far exceeds almost any other boundaries we set in life. 

But there IS a way to procede carefully.  

I can offer you a solid foundation for setting and maintaining boundaries that promote your well-being while still offering support and understanding for your loved one. 

Coming November 2023

5 Ways to Set Healthy Boundaries with a Loved One Abusing Substances

Setting boundaries around a loved one’s substance use can be challenging, but it’s essential for your own well-being and for supporting and positively influencing their recovery.

Boundaries are essential if you want to reclaim your life from the chaos.


Boundaries are hard. But the alternative is worse. And I created this workshop so you don’t have to set them alone.

this workshop will cover:

What boundaries are and are not

Elements that need to be in place in order to set and maintain healthy boundaries

Guides for determining where boundaries are needed and where there is room to give more

Special considerations for setting boundaries with minor children

5 ways to set healthy boundaries

Suggestions for dealing with the backlash when setting boundaries

Coaching exercises to determine personalized approaches to setting boundaries

Resources on setting boundaries around substance abuse

All with an online support community to keep the conversation going with both Madeleine and other workshop participants

Coming November 2023

Following these recommendations is one more step to  reclaim your life  from the chaos of substance use challenges.

Coming November 2023

Madeleine is just amazing with family members. She is loving, kind and willing to be raw and vulnerable in her work. She clearly gets it. And she has this magical ability to shift seamlessly from knowledgeable facilitator to compassionate friend who is walking the same journey in the trenches of this horrible disease. I wish that I, and my family, had met her when I was still drinking.

Mike Holliday
Physical Therapist and Athletic Trainer, Certified Life Recovery Coach

That was really informative. I so appreciated your vulnerability in sharing your story, too.


Your presentation really hit close to home today. I really appreciate everything you shared, your understanding and your support.


Thanks for your vulnerability and rawness. It ratifies your advice and makes it super impactful.


Addiction is not a spectator sport. Eventually the whole family gets to play.

~Joyce Rebeta-Burditt

Coming November 2023

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