Refund and Returns Policy

The registration fees for both the 5 Ways to Positively Influence a Loved One’s Substance Use and the Family Addiction Intensive are non-refundable. The ‘5 Ways’ Webinar can be rescheduled if the scheduled time is missed. Each Webinar is also recorded for review. Reach out to support[at] for assistance in rescheduling. The refund policy for life coaching packages is located on the Life Coaching page.

Before signing up for the Family Addiction Intensive Program, I highly recommend you do the ‘5 Things Families Can Do to Positively Influence a Loved One’s Substance Use’ webinar as well as the Family Addiction Support Community before signing up. This webinar and the community will give you a more detailed overview of the program as well as a sense of what it is like to work with me. 

Here’s why I don’t do “guarantees” for these programs: I encourage, and help you, apply this work and the learning to your specific needs. The Hope and Help Worksheets in the Family Addiction Intensive Program customize the program in ways that are specific to you. Everyone struggling with a love one’s substance use comes to this program with different life experiences. You will need to be an active participant in making the program your own. I will support you in doing that, but telling you exactly what will happen for you, and forcing your progress on this journey in order to meet an arbitrary guarantee, is not at all effective for this work or conducive to positive outcomes.

What I promise is that I show up, and deliver, workshops and programs I am immensely proud of because it has helped so many families in profound and life-changing ways. And… you have to do your part in showing up for the work and applying the program in ways that work for you. So I trust your careful ‘yes.’

You can expect humor, respect, a request and honoring of confidentiality, non-judgment, language of the gut and of the heart (not always for delicate ears), and a shit ton of compassion.

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