Keep the Chaos from Your Loved One's Substance Abuse from Becoming a New Normal


The Family Addiction Support Community

A structured online support community for families struggling with a loved one’s drug or alcohol abuse.

Hosted and facilitated by Family Addiction Coach

Madeleine Craig

Madeleine is very knowledgeable about the problems faced by family members dealing with addiction in a loved one.  She willingly shares her own personal experience to help create a safe space for others to share.  In the recovery retreats I have participated in, it was clear that Madeleine is a skilled group facilitator who offers information and resources to participants. She is especially good at suggesting appropriate, effective coping techniques to participants who are struggling to find peace and balance in their lives.  I would highly recommend her as a coach to family members who are dealing with addiction issues with a loved one.


Family Member

If you could stay resilient amidst the chaos of your loved one’s drug or alcohol abuse…

… no matter what happens.

…Would you give yourself that gift? 

Or would you keep on:

Isolating alone with all your loved one's secrets?

Doomscrolling in the wild wild west of Facebook groups where everyone has an opinion but no one really has a workable answer?

Getting taken down by your loved one's backlash every time you set a boundary or try to talk about the problem?

Wondering if, every time your loved one tries to blame you, they might be right?

Driving yourself crazy trying to figure out which person's unsolicited advice you should follow?

A loved one’s substance abuse is like a dangerous neighborhood…

… You should never walk through it alone.

Inside this structured, moderated, educational online community

You’ll discover how to lessen the chaotic impacts of your loved one’s drug or alcohol abuse.

Here’s why you need to navigate the rough neighborhood of a loved one’s substance use with a family addiction coach:

 Hi, I’m Madeleine Craig.

Here’s what I know about you…

Your struggle addressing your loved one’s drug or alcohol abuse has zero to do with how much you love them or how hard you’ve tried to help them.

Because I know you do and have – you wouldn’t be here otherwise.

The answer to productively navigating a loved one’s drug or alcohol abuse always comes down to two things: 

  1. Effective Support
  2. Better understanding the problem you’re dealing with

The combination of those two things is what changes the game.

Let me tell you a story about my addicted mother’s 70th birthday.

You see, I couldn’t go.

I lived several states away, was in between jobs, and had no money.


I did have an Effective Support system, and I had taken the time to learn and understand the dynamics of both addiction and family addiction.

So when the offers to lend me money for the birthday party (despite no offers to help with far more pressing financial needs), or to allow me to drive down with or stay at another family member’s house, I already knew that was a recipe for disaster.

Because I would have no way of leaving if things got bad.


I had the Effective Support I needed to say no.

Even then I still got an invitation to her birthday party listing me as the host.

I knew my mother, and the message she covertly sent me was clear: Either show up, or people are going to ask where you are.

And the answer given will not be kind to you.


I still had Effective Support. And I understood the dynamics I was dealing with.

Those two things allowed me to take care of myself and say “Let them say what they will. I’m can’t go.”

So for the next few months – until the birthday party passed – I blocked my mother and all the family members who enable her and who were blowing up my phone.

And I was stunned at how much peace I felt.

All a direct result of Effective Support and Understanding the Problem I was dealing with.

The Family Addiction Support Community Is Here So You Can:

Stay resilient in the face of your loved one's use, so you don't get taken down with each crisis.

Get support for making difficult decisions, setting boundaries, and supporting yourself and your loved one.

Experience a space where you don't need to hide the problem or keep secrets.

Become more savvy about addiction and family addiction, so you're not taking their behavior personally.

Find clarity amidst the confusion and keep from spiraling down into negative thoughts and despair.

Feel more empowered and hopeful so you can respond to the issues with the use with more confidence.

Improve your relationship with your loved one and your own mental health so you're better positioned to have a positive influence on the substance use.

Thanks for your vulnerability and rawness. It ratifies your advice and makes it super impactful.


Family Member

The Family Addiction Support Community has been designed to give you both the structured support and the addiction and family addiction education you need to keep the chaos of your loved one’s use from becoming a new normal.

Here’s how we do that:

Monthly Training Videos

Training on aspects of addiction and family addiction – from Addiction & Codependency 101 to navigating relapse and the treatment industry. No wild wild west of misinformation or misleading cultural myths will be happening in this community because education is a key piece of what we do every month.

Live Bi-Monthly Q&A Office Hours with Family Addiction Coach, Madeleine Craig

Get your questions answered and learn from others’ questions as well.

Weekly Transformational Coaching Reflection Questions

Transformational coaching questions designed to quiet fears so you can reflect deeply on how you can support yourself and your loved one.

Events with Special Guests

Periodic live events with guest experts on specific aspects of addiction and family addiction.

Formal & Informal Opportunities to Ask For & Give Support

This community is structured and deliberately designed to help families build an Effective Support system that is absolutely essential to applying everything I teach in my work with families. 

Monthly Book/Video Reviews

There’s a wealth of books, articles and videos on addiction and family addiction, and I’ve read or watched most of them. Get insights on what are the most helpful and informative resources. 

Monthly Coffee Time & Fellowship with Community Members

Even more support for building that Effective Support network. Structured fellowship with ice breaker questions, light-hearted games, and breakout rooms to allow members to connect personally with other Family Addiction Support Community members. 

Monthly Challenges

Support for increasing your skills and savvy in navigating a loved one’s drug or alcohol abuse by working on a shared goal with other members.

Mighty Networks Community

The Family Addiction Community is built on a community platform focused on making genuine connections while ensuring data privacy. No ads. No algorithms. No feeding your sensitive data and activities to the Zuckerbeast.

And these sweet bonuses…

10% Off all Madeleine's online workshops while you're an active community member (only advertised at this rate inside the community)

15% Off 1:1 coaching packages while you're an active member of the community


How is this different from a Facebook group?

First, this community does not live on Facebook. It lives on Mighty Networks. That difference means that what you share in this community enjoys much more data privacy than it would in a Facebook group. Another important difference here is that many Facebook groups for families have no structure and no moderation. There may be group guidelines, but there is very little enforcement. When I scroll through the posts in those kinds of groups, I see a ton of misinformation and uninformed opinions. And that undermines the ability of the group to serve as a genuine source of support because the lack of those things undermines safety. This community is moderated and offers training so all members are more informed about addiction and family addiction.

I can go to Al-Anon/Nar-Anon for free. Why should I pay for this community?

I hear you on this one. I participate in 12-Step family fellowships myself. The 12-Step process does offer many benefits, and I’m not here to say otherwise. If those groups are offering you all the support you need, this community may not be a good fit for you. But not everyone can embrace the spiritual approach used by the 12-Steps. And 12-Step groups do have limitations in that they only offer one approach to the problem, and the education they offer is primarily focused on that approach. This community offers broader education on addiction and family addiction, and it will help you look at multiple approaches to the problem. The weekly transformational coaching reflection questions are there to help you apply what you learn in a way that fits your values, your situation, and your needs.

I've gotten unhelpful advice/guidance from other support groups. How is this support community different?

There are a couple of important differences in this community. The first is our community guidelines state very clearly that while support can be given at any time, actual advice or feedback is not to be given unless it is explicitly asked for. And that if you want actual advice or feedback, you need to explicitly ask for it. Which is great practice for asking for what we need when we need it. Members are not to automatically assume that someone wants advice when they post. They may just want to be heard. So you should not be getting any unsolicited advice. And this community is moderated so if I or my team members see unsolicited advice, the commenter will be reminded of those community guidelines. Also, the monthly training offered in this community is intended to serve two purposes: to inform you, and to inform those who might be offering any feedback. So chances are higher that feedback offered in this group will not be misinformed. The intention behind this community is to be an antidote to the wild, wild west, free-for-all kind of environment I see in so many Facebook groups. I rarely see that kind of an environment producing any meaningful shifts in family members’ experiences. 

Madeleine is just amazing with family members. She is loving, kind and willing to be raw and vulnerable in her work. She clearly gets it. And she has this magical ability to shift seamlessly from knowledgeable facilitator to compassionate friend who is walking the same journey in the trenches of this horrible disease. I wish that I, and my family, had met her when I was still drinking.

Mike Holliday

Certified Life Recovery Coach

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