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I send you insights and answers to your burning questions about families and addiction. 

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  • Insights on addiction and codependency, and answers to common questions families have about a loved one’s substance use, some of which I only share in email.
  • Reviews of what I’m reading about addiction and families so you can further educate yourself if you’re inspired.
  • … and, from time to time, I’ll invite you to sign up for my workshops and intensive programs or remind you that I am a totally hireable and transformative family addiction coach.

The Family Addiction Q&A Newsletters

  • I write them to remind you that you are not alone struggling with a loved one’s substance use.
  • I write them as an antidote to all kinds of cultural myths surrounding addiction and codependency.
  • I write them to empower you to face all the crazymaking situations a loved one’s substance use can bring.

Because facing a loved one’s substance use

requires all the support you can get.

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