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We Know Several Things That Support Addiction Recovery, and Yet Treatment Centers Rarely Do Them

We have known several things that support addiction recovery for decades. Things like cognitive behavioral therapy and positive reinforcement, medically assisted treatment, harm reduction, and whole family support.

All of these things significantly improve outcomes, and yet very few treatment programs implement these evidence-based strategies.

6 Ways Family Members Mimic the Symptoms of a Substance Use Disorder

Addiction creates dysfunctional relationship dynamics in the whole family such that family members begin displaying similar symptoms as the substance user. Here are 6 ways that happens.

One Important Reason Why Treatment So Often Fails

Upwards of 50% of people with substance use problems also have another co-occurring mental disorder, whether that be depression, bipolar disorder, ADHD or some other mental disorder. While the presence of a co-occurring mental disorder, or what is sometimes referred to as dual diagnosis, presents unique challenges, if both the mental disorder and the substance abuse are not addressed together, the chances of recovery reduce drastically. And, the chance of the addiction becoming fatal increases significantly as well. Many treatment programs fail to adequately address this reality.

There Are Many Addiction Myths. But Even the Antidotes Sometimes Get It Wrong

Our culture is entrenched in addiction myths that can tragically misguide families. But even the antidotes to these myths can get it wrong. Families need accurate knowledge and practical tools to navigate their loved ones’ substance use, which is complicated by the conflicting realities of addiction, often referred to as addiction’s double bind: it’s a disease, yet it inflicts severe harm on those around it. My mission is to help families find their way through this messy middle, acknowledging the complexities and moral implications of addiction behavior, while still maintaining compassionate boundaries for self-care.

The Treatment Industry Largely Ignores Families

Given that family members are one of the primary for treatment centers, I believe if the treatment system is going to change, it’s going to be because family members demand it. I do what I do because I want to empower families to make those changes.

We Know So Much More About Addiction & Family Addiction, But Myths Still Abound

If we haven’t kept up with recent discoveries about substance abuse and addiction, we need to question what we think we know. Because, scientifically, we know so much more now.

“You Can’t Control It” Is Only a Partial Truth

I talk a lot about cultural myths that circulate about addiction and family addiction. While the slogan “You can’t control it” is not a myth, it’s also not a complete truth. Families do have influence on the problem. They’re influencing the problem no matter what they do.

We Will Never Resolve the Addiction Crisis Without Supporting Families

Have you ever wondered why we have not been able to resolve the addiction crisis? And why the problem just seems to keep getting worse? If you answered yes to this question, this episode of Hope for Families TV is for you! There are of course, several reason why we...
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