No. The idea of ‘rock bottom’ is bandied about in our culture, but it’s actually a myth, and a dangerous one. 

It comes from back in the early days of AA when very little was known about addiction, let alone how to treat it. Back in those days, most people who did end up recovering had very, very low bottoms.

Furthermore, no one actually knows what ‘bottom’ is for anyone. For one person it may be getting written up at work. For some, a DUI. For others, it will take a near-death experience. And sadly, others may follow the addiction to the grave.

I strongly discourage you allowing the idea of ‘rock bottom’ to keep you from taking the actions I’ve suggested in previous modules. Because substance use disorder is easier to treat the less severe it is, and any one of those things could be edging your loved one closer to seeking recovery.

You don’t know what the tipping point is for them. You can only do what you can do.

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