One of the most unfair things about a loved one’s addiction is that family members often end up paying a very high price, a price beyond the emotional pain of your loved one’s behavior.

When it comes to your safety, and your finances, and your mortgage, you may need to speak to a professional: a financial advisor, a police officer, a lawyer, or a mortgage broker.

Your physical safety is a top priority, so if that is threatened, that is the first thing you need to address.

But, aside from the fact that these issues may, in particular, require you to seek professional advice, like many other issues that come with your loved one’s drug and alcohol use, you will, again, need to take the time to get honest with yourself about what you can and cannot continue to accept.

How far in debt are you willing to go? Are you willing to lose your home? If your loved one is your spouse, you may need to ask yourself, under what conditions am I willing to stay married?

Perhaps you’ll decide to seek a therapist or a coach to support you in determining what your bottom line is in any of these situations.

And sometimes these situations are unavoidable. They’re happening and there’s no turning back from it. You will need effective support to navigate these things. And you may still need professional support.

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